'CANCELLED' Beeston 10 mile Time Trial

18:45 Tue, 6 Jun 2017

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Distance: 16.09km

Duration: 0hr 30

Beeston CC/RC Evening 10 Mile TT
Held every Tuesday evening (weather permitting) from late April through to the end of August, the 2017 season will be 18th April - 22nd August making 19 nights in total.

The handicap system is based on your time and improvements made, with which you can gain points towards a trophy.

You must be a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club (such as Beeston CC) to ride. Entry is £2.00 for members of Beeston CC or Beeston Road Club, and £3 for everyone else.

Under 18 (minimum age 12) are also very welcome, but you'll still need to be a member and bring a signed consent form, available here:


Signing on is from 6.45pm in the layby to the west of the Star pub in West Leake. The first rider will be off at 7pm from the top of Dark Lane.

The 10 mile course starts at the top of the first hill on Dark Lane, towards the end of the 2nd lap riders will finish by passing the Star pub on the left and continuing along Brickyard Lane to the finish line.


No 8 of 19 . volunteers for the Marshalling of the crossroads would be appreciated and it has been suggested that for volunteering a free ride can be obtained on a future night!!

Chris S

8:33 Wed, 17 May 2017

Not looking great out there.
I can help push off, but will check back here at 5:30 to see if its on before setting out.


12:39 Tue, 6 Jun 2017

Hi all, i'm afraid tonight's TT is cancelled due to the gusty winds and cold showery conditions. hopefully summer will return next week.


15:53 Tue, 6 Jun 2017

Thanks for the update!


16:56 Tue, 6 Jun 2017

Thanks Sarah.
See you next week.


17:42 Tue, 6 Jun 2017

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Meet at:

Star Inn Layby


Created by:
Chris S 08:32 17-05-17

Count me in