Bakewell Hills

10:00 Sat, 22 Jul 2017


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Another Intebweeners foray in to the hills of the Peak District.

There are some pretty hard hills here: Creesbrook, Smalldale, Winnatts, Mam Tor, Bole Hill, Sir William Hill, Moon Inn and Curbar Edge and it's likely that we will make a day of it by the time we've built in one or two cafe stops.

Because of the difficulty of the route, there are bail out options all over it so we can cut off loops here and there if need be.

If anyone has any better ideas regarding the route (or anything else) feel free to make any suggestions.


Just a suggestion - but have you seen the audax ride Sally has posted. Kidderminster, Clee Hills, Welsh marches. A beautiful part of the country and a great looking route. I've never done an Audax but I like the look of this.


19:34 Tue, 20 Jun 2017

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Bakewell Bridge Car Park, Coombs Rd, Bakewell DE45


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Jonathan H 12:16 1-06-17

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