19:30 Wed, 17 Oct 2018

Distance: 48.28km

Duration: 1hr 30

Lights will be required now as its getting dark in the evenings

Usual Wednesday Chaingang route.

2 Laps and finish at Risley Traffic lights.

Aim: To ride smoothly as a chaingang, with a reasonably consistent amount of effort, keeping the group together and rotating smoothly.

Starting from Greenfingers at bottom of Cator Lane at 7.30 and picking up along route out toward motorway bridge at Long Eaton.

The following link shows a chaingang

Take care, ride smooth, it is not a race.


The last couple of chaingangs have been probably the worst I’ve ever known in terms of keeping things together. Remember it’s a development chaingang, not a smash-fest. There are other rides if that’s what you want.

This week, lets focus on three key rules which will, I think, help:

1. Keep the pace constant. (Clearly it’ll slow down a bit on the inclines). The right line should be 1 or 2mph faster than the left.
2. When moving left at the front, drop your pace by 1 or 2 mph to match the speed of that line. Try not to pull a gap. (If you don’t do this, then the right line has to go faster and faster until it snaps).
3. When you’re the Last Man, moving out into the right lane, move through smoothly, try to stay on the wheel of the guy in front. Don’t let a gap form, leading to need for sudden accelerations.

Lets also talk to each other. If you see a gap forming, shout to the front to slow the pace a bit.

Simon L

11:30 Tue, 16 Oct 2018

I'll try and join at Long Eaton, but we've got a lot going on this week so I might not make it.

If it's too disjointed (or goes off too fast) I'll probably just drop off the back and do my own thing, I'm not interested in a smash fest.

Simon's rule #2 is so important -- you've got to slow down (confidently) too keep it going smoothly. Learning to do that (safely) is what the development chaingang should be all about.

Adrian O

12:45 Wed, 17 Oct 2018

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