BCC Social Night to plan LBL

20:30 Thu, 11 Oct 2018

Distance: 1000.00km

Duration: 2hr 0

Hi All. We can plan and firm up confirmations for LBL.

I have spoken with Sean and he is still waiting to hear back on accommodation enquiries.
Sean has asked can people who are still considering please confirm.
This will help everyone quickly to be able to buddy up for travelling. IE: who has transport and who doesn't.

We can then confirm accommodation and get travel plans sorted.

If you can't make the social can you confirm on the link: http://beeston.cc/forum/thread/?id=9383

Please state if you have transport or not and if you have, can you take people. To all who have confirmed we will count you in, unless you advise us otherwise before we meet on the 11th.

When you buddy up with people you can then plan when you go an return.


Can i come along and disrupt things by telling you all how great Roubaix will be?


12:39 Tue, 2 Oct 2018



13:20 Tue, 2 Oct 2018

Likewise, I'm going to get smashed and start a fight over which is best.


12:39 Wed, 3 Oct 2018

I shall be coming to deal my cylinders. FB marketplace's view of me is drug trafficker.


17:45 Wed, 3 Oct 2018

Does anyone want any CO2? I have a little more than I'd like. I also have SS brake cables at £1 a pop


17:46 Wed, 3 Oct 2018

Sadly I can't make it tonight as I am working on a tender :-(
Sean knows my LBL plans


16:16 Thu, 11 Oct 2018

Working on a tender what.....!?


20:05 Thu, 11 Oct 2018

Is anybody here ?

Malachi Dennis

21:01 Thu, 11 Oct 2018

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Meet at:

The Crown


Created by:
macca 20:35 30-09-18

Count me in