Code Red

19:00 Tue, 9 Oct 2018

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Distance: 44.00km

Duration: 1hr 20

Usual Tuesday night "fast" winter training route. 28 miles, rolling roads, expect an average speed of 20-21mph+. Big lights needed for the un-lit sections; mudguards also needed if the roads are wet.

For newcomers, the aim is to ride this fast as a group, doing turns when you can and rolling through to keep the pace high. It's not a chaingang though, and if you're struggling with the pace no-one will mind if you sit on at the back of the group. Finally, be aware that this ride doesn't wait for riders who are dropped, so please make sure you know how to get home.


I've posted the Code Red route for this, but if the weather's decent we could probably still do Hilly Night. Same meeting point and start time either way, so happy to turn up go with the majority decision. If you're not sure where you're going, please make sure you have both routes.


19:35 Sun, 7 Oct 2018

I should be there Rich as long as I finish work on time. Weather looks good so assume we'll go for hilly night?

Sam A

12:11 Tue, 9 Oct 2018

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Meet at:

Bramcote Park


Created by:
richard_a 19:32 7-10-18

Count me in