The club kiddy trailer


18:49 Fri, 1 May 2015

The Burley is now up for grabs. This was donated to the club by Paul Hunt about 5 years back, since then i've been towing my two around in it. It's well used and the rain cover is a bit compromised to say the least, but it's a Burley and as such a supreme vehicle. It will fit anything, with only a slight heel clearance issue if you've short stays or big feet.

It must stay within the club, so if you have it, put it back in the club afterwards.


18:49 Fri, 1 May 2015

I'm hoping someone wants this for the forseeable. But if not, hopefully, someone will find it useful for a short period in June, on trial if you like. Just be good to get rid of it for a bit while I move house. I could have it back after that. Cheers!


16:49 Sun, 3 May 2015

Mike if you wish we could put it in the lock up as you need to de clutter to move.


10:32 Mon, 4 May 2015

Mike - we'll be in the market for something similar next year (when the little dude gets too heavy for our existing child seat), so definitely interested in the Burley. Chances are we won't actually use it before the winter though, so happy to let someone else have first go in the interim. If no-one else wants it I can take it off your hands before you move house though.

PS. Out of interest, which model is it?


17:52 Mon, 4 May 2015

Great thanks. No idea of model, but it is a two seater, though for one child it is designed so you can have them in the middle, using a shoulder strap from either side and unclipping the seat tension separator, so it sags properly for bum in the middle.

I'll see if it mentions model on it, though I expect it will be too faded.

They are great though. One go and you'll be ditching the child seat!


20:12 Mon, 4 May 2015

Final call for the trailer, shout now, or Richard A. will have it for the duration.


13:49 Sat, 20 Jun 2015

With our boy now able to ride his own bike I no longer have much use for the club trailer, so the Burley is once again up for grabs. As before it's free to a good home, but it must stay within the club (i.e., be passed on to another club member once it's no longer needed).

I did a bit of hunting around on the Burley website, and it appears to be a 1993-98(!!) D'Lite model. It's still in pretty much the same condition as when I inherited it from Mike (see above) - well used and a bit dirty, but mechanically sound. The rain cover is not what it once was, but it's still OK for commuting in anything other than a monsoon. Only thing to bear in mind is that it won't fit a bike with disc brakes (as the hitch attaches near the non-drive-side dropout, in the same spot where a rear disc caliper goes).


13:56 Sun, 11 Sep 2016

Yes please! Bex has seemed to change her mind about a trailer, originally she was worried they may be quite dangerous. Thinking about commuting in the rain, this would be great, as opposed to our current child seat! Did you prefer this to a child seat?


9:15 Mon, 12 Sep 2016

For very little kids I think a child seat is preferable as it puts them closer to you, but once they start to get a bit heavier (age 2-3) I found the bike became a bit unstable (with so much weight so high up). The trailer is a lot more versatile and much better for slightly bigger kids. It also has space for a lot more stuff if you're commuting. I was a bit worried about visibility during the winter months too, but it's easy to attach a bunch of lights to the rear and I never had any problems. (I actually found cars gave me a lot more space when towing the trailer than they did the rest of the time!)

Anyway, it's yours if you want it - will send you a message to arrange collection.

PS. Would definitely advise full-length mudguards (and a flap) if you're planning on using it regularly in the rain. As you can see in Mike's photo, the trailer sits right in the firing line for spray off the back wheel...


11:11 Mon, 12 Sep 2016

After two years and some great adventures the Burley is now available again for club members. Although it still works well it could do with repair on the raincover (popper broken) and the emergency clip is damaged. Would anyone like to use it next? We can store temporarily but not long term. Thanks for the loan - it's been a great piece of kit. We'll post some pictures of its current condition for anyone interested!

Bex and Ant

p.s. It won’t fit a bike with disk brakes as it attaches to the chainstay


20:12 Thu, 11 Oct 2018

Photos -


20:22 Thu, 11 Oct 2018

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