April in Majorca - Legro's Training Camp


13:26 Wed, 30 Aug 2017

Legro's 2018 schedule is now available for viewing at http://www.legrostrainingcamp.com/april-camp_2018/
There's a variety of accommodation options from single hotel rooms to shared apartments. All use the same restaurant at the hotel where the buffet is really excellent.
I usually go for 10 days but might only do 7 this year. I'm also thinking of going for the first week.
This camp is great because there are about 6 different groups of varying difficulty from leisure rides to Cat 1 - and you can go with whichever group suits you on the day.
Shout up if you're interested


13:26 Wed, 30 Aug 2017

Flights are cheap at the moment but will steadily increase. I just got return flights with bike for £139
April 8th -19th


8:05 Thu, 21 Sep 2017

sounds good. will mention it to the lads

Phil G

19:18 Fri, 22 Sep 2017

Phil - did anyone fancy it


18:59 Sun, 22 Oct 2017

Have booked on this: April 8th - April 15th


10:43 Tue, 9 Jan 2018

In case anyone else is thinking about this but aren’t sure, there are now 8 of us from BCC booked onto this camp on the 8th April.


23:06 Sun, 14 Jan 2018

Who's all going out of interest? Would be good to ride with people of a comparable ability.

What accommodation have you gone for and why? They are all roughly same price but I presume some options are better than others from experience.

What flights have you booked from East Mids?

And are you all taking your own bikes or hiring there?

Thanks in advance :-)


13:23 Sat, 20 Jan 2018

Phil GB, John R, Colin S, Ian S, Phil G, Matt S, Greig B, me. We may well ride in different groups in the day (there are 6 groups ranging from leisure riders to Cat 1 racers) and then regroup in the evening. But there'll be at least 2-3 people in a group each day I should think.
We're flying with Ryanair. 7am on the 8th, 9.15 pm return on the 15th (although the two Phils are staying until the 19th I think).
Transfers booked with Hoppa - about £13 return.
Most of us are hiring bikes. Mallorca Bike Hire will deliver to the hotel and collect it back at the end of the week. They also take your measurements from you and set the bike up in advance (I used them last year and was pretty pleased). 2Go Cycling are about 10-15 mins walk away and offer 10% off if you're booked with Legros (you pay in full and then get it back when you pick your bike up apparently).
And I think everyone is in the Duva Hotel. The main reason for me is that I know all the meals are done there so it just seemed easier than walking from wherever the apartments are. Plus there were single rooms available. Pretty sure Phil GB has stayed there before so he may be able to tell you more.
It seems like a good year to do it with a decent sized group. Go for it!


14:23 Sat, 20 Jan 2018

I can't remember why but I booked an apartment - it might be because I managed to get 11 nights and that was the compromise. I'd say that on the whole the hotel rooms are better. The only downside is that they are smaller than the apartments (but still a good size) and you are supposed to leave your bikes in a safe storage area in the basement.
Once you've done your first ride you'll have a good idea which group you need to be in. You can move up or down a group whenever you like anyway. The pace of each group remains a constant so you can easily decide where to place yourselves.
Just be conservative on your first ride as you don't want to kill your legs on the first day. I think we will all be 2a or 2b unless one or two fancy having a go with group 1.
I don't know anything about bike hire because I've never done it. There are some very good bikes available though. The Pinarello experience is a pretty amazing place. You'll never see so many Pinarellos together unless you visit the factory.


14:40 Sat, 20 Jan 2018

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