Bike Stolen - Sainsbury's


14:45 Wed, 7 Feb 2018

My Trek was stolen from outside Sainsburys' at lunchtime today. If anyone spots it let me know.
Please note: Sainsburys are useless. There security guy was insde gabbing and totally uninterested when I reported it and they have no CCTV trained on the bike rack. My bike was locked, so the scumbags must've used bolt croppers - but nobody saw anything. When stolen, it had a white saddle on, not black as in the picture. It also had a rear rack and panniers and a set of Tri-bars on.


14:45 Wed, 7 Feb 2018

sorry to hear this Russ :o(


16:01 Wed, 7 Feb 2018

the nerve of these bike thieves.... I leave my bike locked up outside Sainsburys on a regular basis...
Hope you get it back.


6:38 Fri, 9 Feb 2018

Ok. 3 weeks down the line. Not a dicky-bird from plod. As always, once they have issued a crime number, don't let that get in the way of sitting there with their fingers up their arses.
But the insurance has come up trumps.
Final payout, just over £2400.


0:24 Sun, 4 Mar 2018

whats on the shopping list

Andy farmer

7:03 Sun, 4 Mar 2018

£2400 for that!?!?
Had you fitted inner tubes made of unobtainium??


14:12 Sun, 4 Mar 2018

If anybodyís interested, my bike will be outside Sainsburyís, unlocked, for as long as it takes ;)


16:32 Sun, 4 Mar 2018

Have you checked it hasn't already been stolen from the garage Jim? ;-)


13:07 Mon, 5 Mar 2018

Thatís a fair point - itís been a while since I ventured that far....


14:29 Mon, 5 Mar 2018

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