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22:07 Sun, 18 Feb 2018

Ian and Mark have done a great job with the social ride.
We had a discussion on this mornings ride about trying to get a regular slightly longer club ride going alongside the social ride.
Sunday morning, starting a little earlier, and going a little further but meeting the social ride at the cafe with the option to ride with either group on the ride back.
Probably 8:30 start, 40-45 miles to the cafe, rolling along at let's say 18mphish, but really at the pace of the group. Not dropping people, but equally expecting that people will pick the ride most suitable to them.
Not next week as lots of people planning to ride VC Long Eaton reliability ride, but starting some time in March as the Spring classics get going.
Who would be interested?


22:07 Sun, 18 Feb 2018

Good to chat about this on the ride yesterday,
I am very interested in this.


10:54 Mon, 19 Feb 2018

Definitely. I was surprised to see that 12 people had joined the ride on Sunday but only 5 had put their name down. If everyone had put their name down it may have attracted even more riders!


12:22 Mon, 19 Feb 2018

Would be interested but I can't make Sunday AM! I will have to try and post some Saturday rides soon.


14:45 Mon, 19 Feb 2018

I can't leave home on Sundays til 11am. I look at the routes to see if there's any way I could ride towards them on their inbound and join them but it will never work.


22:24 Mon, 19 Feb 2018

Won't be able to do it very often but would wholeheartedly support a regular Sunday club ride and will ride it whenever I can


18:33 Tue, 20 Feb 2018

I’m torn about this. For me, one of the attractions of BCC over other local clubs has always been the lack of an “always the same” weekend club run. The more ad hoc scheduling suits me a lot better, and I also prefer to explore new routes rather than repeating a regular one.

That said, over the past year or so the numbers on most club rides have dwindled to the point where drastic action is clearly needed. And I’m evidently not in the majority [or even a significant minority :-) ] when it comes to route preferences. So I think this is a good idea, and hopefully one that will bring some numbers back to the club. Like Phil I probably won’t be able to make it often, but I’ll certainly support it when I can.


21:13 Wed, 21 Feb 2018

Richard a i think touches on a vital point, keeping it fresh and interesting, no one wants to do the same few routes every sunday.
We cant expect Ian or Richard b to have blinding flashes of inspiration every weekend to keep us entertained.

The obvious answer is that is those of us (me included ) that like a regular sunday run whether it be the social or Richards longer version commit to planning a few ourselves.

Andy farmer

8:03 Thu, 22 Feb 2018

Richard b we spoke on sunday about a ride meeting at cafe velo verde for the two groups in march
this is what i had in mind,, thoughts

Andy farmer

8:50 Thu, 22 Feb 2018

There have been a few grumblings in BRC about the routes that take them through Nottingham because there is so much stopping and starting, albeit they have a larger group to manage. Might be ok for the slower group but the longer group could avoid town altogether and take a more southerly route through Cotgrave or similar.


11:56 Fri, 23 Feb 2018

Looks OK to me, if its dry I'd follow the river path to Lady bay and possibly Holme PP and go more direct to cafe, reversing route to come home, just to keep the milage social.
For a longer ride I'd go Sawley, Kegworth, EL, Wysall, Willoughby, along the Belvoir ridge, and then down through Harby, Langar and Bingham, round trip is about 60-65 with cafe at 40-45, and home through East Bridgford etc.


14:02 Fri, 23 Feb 2018

Not got time to do something longer this Sunday but I've been thinking about whether we could do a few longer club rides to celebrate the monuments?
Milan-San Remo next weekend, La Primavera.
I'm not quite ready for a Beeston-Skegness to emulate this but what about a pretty MSR ride to Cafe Velo Verde? Route as above post.
This ride will be on Saturday.17th March.


19:01 Fri, 9 Mar 2018

I can do the next one after the 17th as taking daughter to Uni.


22:22 Sun, 11 Mar 2018

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