2018 BCC Time Trials


13:20 Wed, 7 Mar 2018

I have now received Police and CTT permission to run the Tuesday evening 10 time trials from 24th April until 21st August. Last year a meeting was held between local councillors, parish councillors, local residents, CTT, BC, Police, VCLE and BCC to review the over use of the Sutton Bonington circuit. Not only were TTs being held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the circuit was used on some weekends for TTs and racing. Taking into consideration all of the comments and for safety reasons both VCLE and BCC have agreed to move the start and finish as per the attached map and restrict the number of TTs to 15 on Tuesday evenings and 15 on Thursday evenings (VCLE). Our behaviour will also be under scrutiny so it is incumbent on all involved to be sympathetic and courteous to the residents and public sharing the circuit


13:21 Wed, 7 Mar 2018

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