1st July BCC Reliability Ride in The Peak


16:39 Sun, 3 Jun 2018

As you will know we have changed the Sportive to a club members and friends reliability ride.
This will be a great opportunity for as many of the club to be out together over the three routes and finish at the same time to enjoy some great food on the club.

Mike is preparing three different routes to cater for all abilities within the club.

Look out for the three ride posts that will appear with the new routes and post on which ride you are doing.

More information will be posted shortly, so save the date.
Sarah DK and I are also planning on offering food support on the longer route.

The link below refers to the helpers who offered to help on the now cancelled sportive. You can now go from helping to riding which is good.

Best regards
BCC exec


16:39 Sun, 3 Jun 2018

I was asked for two, I was thinking a 50 ish and 80ish, but if you want a longer one too, no worries...


21:07 Sun, 3 Jun 2018

Mike 50 and 80 is spot on.
We can sort a flatter shorter social ride type route for the peeps that want to avoid proper hills. That means we can get a good spread of members out.


16:18 Mon, 4 Jun 2018

Events here:

Med: http://beeston.cc/events/event/?id=3701
Long: http://beeston.cc/events/event/?id=3700


22:13 Thu, 7 Jun 2018

Thank you Mike.


17:39 Sun, 10 Jun 2018

Mike's short route is now up
Short: http://beeston.cc/events/event/?id=3705


7:26 Mon, 11 Jun 2018

We will have three different start times so that everyone will finish at the same time (approximately).
Start: Greenfingers
Finish: The Star Inn
We will provide welcoming food at the end and Sarah Danaford-knight and I will set up a food stop (tbc) for the long route only.

It would be great to get as many out as possible.
Please post you are coming so that we can ensure we have enough food.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


13:58 Wed, 13 Jun 2018

Greenfingers seems to move every six months or so and where we tend to meet now isn't even the dental practice anymore, so that probably needs clarifying nearer the time.

I wonder if its worth asking the owners of Froth cafe (and Belgian waffle house) if they would open up especially on Sunday morning for pre-start coffees etc? It is just opposite, in the 'Creative Corner' complex for those that don't know.


16:17 Wed, 13 Jun 2018

Thanks Paul I will email them.

This is a general bump to see if more people want enjoy one of these three delightful routes and partake of some nosh at the end at the Star.


7:06 Mon, 18 Jun 2018

Richard Oakes and I have been looking at the finer details for the reliability ride.
Firstly we are all looking to get everyone to finish roughly within the same time window of 3pm - 4pm.
The Star will have a gazebo tent in the garden available for us from 3pm onwards.
You can order your food from the normal menu when you arrive.
The food will be on the club:-)
Do bring money / card for drinks.

Given the above we are going to set the three rides off at different times.
Long route: 9am
Medium route: 10am
Short route: 11am

Sarah and I will provide food support on long route. Location yet to be confirmed.


18:54 Sat, 23 Jun 2018

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