Website development at work


9:58 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

We are currently working on the website.
We are aware of a few issues such as maps and buttons and links not working on the mobile responsive pages.
Issues on my Iphone
- the map on the route page doesn't show anything apart from a grey box. The meet at map is fine though.
- the 'bottom' button on route pages isn't a link.
- the club information and homepage links aren't links
- The three line menu button in the top right doesn't do anything when clicked.

We have also introduced a notification slider to allow everyone to be better connected with what is going on.

Please jot down any things you spot.

Thanks for your patience during the work in progress.


9:58 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Responsive design is the way to go.
The hamburger menu in the top right is confusing, it doesn’t do anything for me on small screen, is it supposed to show a menu?


11:12 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Ant if you clear your cache it will work and is the menu of the full site.


17:30 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Looks great!

Two minor things I spotted - The Strava widget messes up the width of the page on mobile, so if you accidentally swipe left you get a big empty area.

Also, the textarea for writing comments looks like a fixed pixel width, and it doesn’t shrink to fit the width of the screen on mobile... it has done that forever though.

Adrian O

8:04 Sun, 1 Jul 2018

Admin login issue too.


18:23 Sun, 1 Jul 2018

Click on ‘Hi John’ button for admin login button


18:47 Sun, 1 Jul 2018



13:32 Mon, 2 Jul 2018

Mobile responsive features have been added and should be working (without clearing cache) on all devices now - let me know if you find any other glitches (I'll have a look at Strava).

Notification services have also been added (although Apple is still under dev) on desktop browsers and Android devices. It should ask permission to send you notifications, if accepted you then have the option on each regular and event discussion (new blue/black switch) to be kept notified of any new posts.

New event notifications are sent to all - no opt-out for these.

Admin users - your special user switch button is now located in your 'hi user' page - at the top.


17:21 Mon, 2 Jul 2018

Notifications on Apple and Android is a little more complex than first thought so taking a little extra time. Coordinating with the US and their timezone is also restricting development hours. I'll post on here as soon as I get anything further sorted. Regards, Tom


12:31 Tue, 3 Jul 2018

Thanks Tom.


17:52 Tue, 3 Jul 2018

The general discussion and for sale pages have a width issue on my android phone. Might be due to the page nav buttons which force it to be a bit too wide.

Mike H

22:40 Tue, 3 Jul 2018

I think it may have been the pagination buttons going too wide Mike... is that better?


8:23 Wed, 4 Jul 2018

I'm sure this is a limitation of the browser, though I'd have thought a logged in chrome could achieve this. The websites UI solution to new posts on a thread is cross browser/pc - but the notification system is per browser, which is gonna get tiresome.


18:55 Wed, 4 Jul 2018

Copying old rides no longer seems to copy the route over, just the text & info. I just posted Hilly Night for Tuesday, and had to add the GPX file manually.


11:55 Sun, 8 Jul 2018

This has also happened to me trying to post the last two social rides...


12:02 Sun, 8 Jul 2018

Is there still a problem with the site? It seems that whenever someone posts a ride, their own name doesn't appear as 'going'.


15:17 Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Found the issue... both problems related and now fixed.


15:33 Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Can you confirm my suspicion?
Also and pretty sure this can be improved. The rendering is such that the photo flip book thing takes time to load and whilst it does all the photos are stacked down the page, pretty sure you can do some sort of onLoad visible thing to prevent that, hacks me right off that one ;-)


21:04 Mon, 30 Jul 2018

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