Website development at work


9:58 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

We are currently working on the website.
We are aware of a few issues such as maps and buttons and links not working on the mobile responsive pages.
Issues on my Iphone
- the map on the route page doesn't show anything apart from a grey box. The meet at map is fine though.
- the 'bottom' button on route pages isn't a link.
- the club information and homepage links aren't links
- The three line menu button in the top right doesn't do anything when clicked.

We have also introduced a notification slider to allow everyone to be better connected with what is going on.

Please jot down any things you spot.

Thanks for your patience during the work in progress.


9:58 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Responsive design is the way to go.
The hamburger menu in the top right is confusing, it doesn’t do anything for me on small screen, is it supposed to show a menu?


11:12 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Ant if you clear your cache it will work and is the menu of the full site.


17:30 Sat, 30 Jun 2018

Looks great!

Two minor things I spotted - The Strava widget messes up the width of the page on mobile, so if you accidentally swipe left you get a big empty area.

Also, the textarea for writing comments looks like a fixed pixel width, and it doesn’t shrink to fit the width of the screen on mobile... it has done that forever though.

Adrian O

8:04 Sun, 1 Jul 2018

Admin login issue too.


18:23 Sun, 1 Jul 2018

Click on ‘Hi John’ button for admin login button


18:47 Sun, 1 Jul 2018



13:32 Mon, 2 Jul 2018

Mobile responsive features have been added and should be working (without clearing cache) on all devices now - let me know if you find any other glitches (I'll have a look at Strava).

Notification services have also been added (although Apple is still under dev) on desktop browsers and Android devices. It should ask permission to send you notifications, if accepted you then have the option on each regular and event discussion (new blue/black switch) to be kept notified of any new posts.

New event notifications are sent to all - no opt-out for these.

Admin users - your special user switch button is now located in your 'hi user' page - at the top.


17:21 Mon, 2 Jul 2018

Notifications on Apple and Android is a little more complex than first thought so taking a little extra time. Coordinating with the US and their timezone is also restricting development hours. I'll post on here as soon as I get anything further sorted. Regards, Tom


12:31 Tue, 3 Jul 2018

Thanks Tom.


17:52 Tue, 3 Jul 2018

The general discussion and for sale pages have a width issue on my android phone. Might be due to the page nav buttons which force it to be a bit too wide.

Mike H

22:40 Tue, 3 Jul 2018

I think it may have been the pagination buttons going too wide Mike... is that better?


8:23 Wed, 4 Jul 2018

I'm sure this is a limitation of the browser, though I'd have thought a logged in chrome could achieve this. The websites UI solution to new posts on a thread is cross browser/pc - but the notification system is per browser, which is gonna get tiresome.


18:55 Wed, 4 Jul 2018

Copying old rides no longer seems to copy the route over, just the text & info. I just posted Hilly Night for Tuesday, and had to add the GPX file manually.


11:55 Sun, 8 Jul 2018

This has also happened to me trying to post the last two social rides...


12:02 Sun, 8 Jul 2018

Is there still a problem with the site? It seems that whenever someone posts a ride, their own name doesn't appear as 'going'.


15:17 Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Found the issue... both problems related and now fixed.


15:33 Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Can you confirm my suspicion?
Also and pretty sure this can be improved. The rendering is such that the photo flip book thing takes time to load and whilst it does all the photos are stacked down the page, pretty sure you can do some sort of onLoad visible thing to prevent that, hacks me right off that one ;-)


21:04 Mon, 30 Jul 2018

Howdy Beeston CC, I hope the responsive site for mobiles has meant you members are using it more?

As you may have noticed, notifications have also been installed but they only really work on desktop browsers and some Android mobiles - not great!

However, I have been putting a fair amount of time towards a iOS app for iPhones and Apple Watches that will enable notifications on them. I actually have it completed and it works really well... notifications appear with a little top line info, and if selected it takes you to the correct place on the website. This works even if the app is closed. All the app has in it is a code input field to match your device with you in the website - code is on your members page. Once that is applied the app is complete, notifications are handled via iOS notification center and everything is happy.

There is a snag... to launch the app via the app store it has to go through a very rigorous Apple vetting process. They are saying it is too simple and needs to do more. I'm not an app developer (very different from web) and have been using this as a learning experience (hence the zero charge). I did try to have the app list the most recent notifications in a menu but couldn't quite figure out how in the time I allowed myself. Does anybody know any Swift iOS app developers who could lend a hand? I could put the code on Github so development could be developed by multiple parties.

Until then... I'm the only one getting lovely new ride notifications on my watch and iphone! (I could install the app via xcode on my mac - can't do that for you lot!)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tom - the BeestonCC website developer.


16:05 Wed, 26 Sep 2018


16:11 Wed, 26 Sep 2018


9:44 Thu, 27 Sep 2018

Thanks Tom


8:22 Mon, 1 Oct 2018

I get a "This website can't load Google Maps correctly" error on all the ride pages at the moment. If you click through for an explanation it says it's an API error.


20:23 Sun, 7 Oct 2018

Also when you follow a notification link, you get a /thread/ url and don't see the original topic, just the replies. I thinks this is intentional, but I propose not ideal. I think it works ok for discussions but for events the /event/ url is ideal. This problem is made worse by the main topic title not being a link to the full post and the side bar context being other than than the current post type (ie discussion or event etc)


20:39 Sun, 7 Oct 2018

Thanks Mike, I'll look into that.

The maps error is because Google Maps are no longer 100% free, after $200 worth of views per month you have to pay. If the club could set up an account then I can enter the API key and all should be fine again:


9:44 Mon, 8 Oct 2018

Thanks Tom we will look to sort this out. I will call you later to discuss.


13:20 Wed, 10 Oct 2018

Mike, the link issue for event notifications should now be sorted.

Update: Yep it's working. Macca's post just linked through to:


10:30 Thu, 11 Oct 2018

Doesn't work for me.


9:37 Fri, 12 Oct 2018

In what way Jim?


9:38 Fri, 12 Oct 2018

If I click on any link I get a message over the top of the map which says 'This page can't load google maps correctly'


15:14 Fri, 12 Oct 2018

"The maps error is because Google Maps are no longer 100% free, after $200 worth of views per month you have to pay"

we haven't.... yet


15:15 Fri, 12 Oct 2018

Ok, I read 'the link issue for event notifications should now be sorted' as meaning that it was done. But that's clearly a different issue.


15:22 Fri, 12 Oct 2018

I believe John is tackling the Google Maps account, as soon as that is set up I can get rid of the error messages. You should never be able to use the $200 credit as it equates to quite a lot of map loads.


15:45 Fri, 12 Oct 2018

Sorry all, I am away at moment and will sort when I get back. Been mega busy.


8:03 Sun, 14 Oct 2018

OK members... I've managed to find a way to host the iOS notifications app on your website. Just go to your 'Hi Name' page and the instructions are on there. This negates the long and expensive process of having the app approved by Apple to get it in the App Store.

Enjoy... feedback welcome!


15:01 Mon, 15 Oct 2018


15:04 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

Darn... what model of phone do you have? Are you up to date with the version of iOS?


15:19 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

There are some suggestions here - if it's something to do with your phone:

It downloaded fine to mine.


15:23 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

Try again Mike, I've tried something with the distribution file


15:29 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

no joy, it's an SE and i've not updated to ios12 yet


15:33 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

It could be that, I'll keep reading in the forums.


15:34 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

Doesn’t work for me. It starts the download and then hangs (iPhone 7, up to date iOS). Tried it three times.


17:26 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

OK thanks Jim... I've asked Apple, will need to wait couple of days for reply probably. Sounds like you got a bit closer though. I'll test it here on other phones.


17:28 Mon, 15 Oct 2018

OK I've spoken to Apple. They said the app can never be in the app store as it's aimed at too small volume of people. To have this type of App download outside of the App Store I need to be on the Apple Enterprise Developer Program $299 per year. I've already signed up to the Developer Program $99 but apparently I may get a refund if I upgrade. I've been assured though that it's the way to go - I also found this article:


17:24 Fri, 19 Oct 2018

Maps are fixed... thanks to John for setting up the Google account for the club. I have noticed it's still showing error in event edit page however this uses a plugin that breaks if using the updated code so I've contacted the author.


14:11 Tue, 23 Oct 2018

Hi Tom you can proceed to go for the Apple Enterprise Developer Program. It is important that everyone gets notifications.


18:04 Tue, 23 Oct 2018

I am still getting an error message when looking at it just me please??


18:22 Tue, 23 Oct 2018

It may take time for updates to clear your computers cache - try refreshing a couple of times


23:02 Tue, 23 Oct 2018

When I try and look at a map message says “....see JavaScript console for technical issues “. Good job I don’t know what that means or I would try to fix it!! This message occurs on both my iPad and it still just me please?


15:18 Wed, 24 Oct 2018

I think there is some redirect going on that forwards to when it should be
somut for tom to sort


15:24 Wed, 24 Oct 2018

otherwise terry make sure you are going to not


15:27 Wed, 24 Oct 2018

Thanks Mike but I am certainly using Only use the maps facility rarely.


15:49 Wed, 24 Oct 2018

I am still unable to access the maps...before this web work I had no problems. I haven't altered any of the settings on my iPad, iMac or iPhone. If the difficulty is isolated to me I will stop trying.. anyone else having a problem please?
I have refreshhed every thing so often they are exhausted!!!


9:46 Fri, 26 Oct 2018

Don't worry Terry, you're not alone:

"This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details"


13:32 Fri, 26 Oct 2018

Thanks Jim...thought I was having more than my normal number of senior moments!! Feel better now.


14:05 Fri, 26 Oct 2018

Maps now work for www.


10:24 Mon, 29 Oct 2018

Further update to the iOS notifications app. I've now been told that the Enterprise Developer Program is only for distributing apps within a business (I explained that a club is much the same but they wouldn't have it)... however they offered a possible alternative called Testflight. The upside is this route is no extra cost! No $299 for Enterprise!

I've added a link to Testflight on your members' pages. It basically makes you all Beta testers for the app. The link asks you to download Testflight. Once installed you need to go back to the instruction by page either closing Testflight or switching apps in your app menu, then you can click on the link to install the BeestonCC app.

Without setting up a whole Apple ID for testing purposes only it's difficult for me to test the process so I would be grateful of any feedback. The app is currently not suitable for iPads, I may add this in future updates.


10:21 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

My redemption code has 2 numbers in it which disappear when copied and pasted. When I try to insert them manually they also don’t appear so I just get an ‘invalid code’ message because it only sees the letters.


10:39 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

OK thanks Jim, I'll look into that now. Hang fire!


10:45 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Try now Jim, for now I've removed the numbers from the codes but I will need to update the App


11:00 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Think I've figured it out... you're putting the code in the wrong place? Are you trying to 'redeem code' in Testflight? You need to go back to your browser app and click on the second link on the page loaded from the website to download the app.


11:13 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Yeh I put it there too but it just hangs, even after a reboot.


11:28 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Close all apps. Go back to the website and click on the link on the members page. Notice your key code may have changed. Now because you already have the Testflight app downloaded you can click on the second link for the BeestonCC app. Add the key code on here.


11:30 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Hi Tom - I'm giving it a go but I cannot log in - a blank screen comes up after login


11:40 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Sorted - logged in and now have the blue beeston screen


11:43 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Well done Rich... any notifications yet? This post perhaps - if you have them turned on for this thread?


11:44 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Sorry, still hangs...


11:45 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Not sure where you're hanging... I'll post some screenshots form my phone to show you what you are supposed to see.


11:48 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

This where you add your key code, once applied you should be asked to accept notifications, then you should get a blue logo screen. Job done.


11:52 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Yep, have put the code in there, pressed ‘apply’, and it then hangs on the ‘logo’ page.


11:55 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Not hanging... that's it! Job done... close the app and notifications should be working. If not, delete the app and start again.


11:56 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Not receiving notifications so will delete and start again


12:16 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Your code was correct and your device was added to OneSignal so you should have been? Did you accept app notifications when your phone asked? Have you got the notifications turned on for the thread (black/blue switch below here)? The app itself doesn't save or display the notifications, they should appear as normal notification center notifications - these should then link back to the relevant part on the website.


12:23 Thu, 8 Nov 2018

Just did it and it seems to work.


23:25 Fri, 9 Nov 2018

Thanks Tom for all your hard work hopefully we can get everyone all connected in the next few weeks


8:31 Mon, 12 Nov 2018

small issue - got notification on chrome and went to it, opened up about 6 tabs all at the same url, it was this thread.


9:02 Mon, 12 Nov 2018

Hi Mike... it opened 6 windows all at once? It has to open a new window with each notification click as it's linked from outside the browser but it should only open one new window?


13:34 Mon, 12 Nov 2018

yes, 1 click, maybe just spurious, i'll let you know if its reproducible, didn't this time anyway


13:36 Mon, 12 Nov 2018

I've created a ride :
and i attached a route.
However, ive now modified the route and want to change the ride details, however i cant seem to be able to do this??
Can someone advise me how to do this?


13:07 Fri, 23 Nov 2018

does this not do it?


13:10 Fri, 23 Nov 2018

If i choose the new route file and press the UPDATE button it doesn't change the route?
There isn't an option to delete the current route (an load a new one) either?


14:03 Fri, 23 Nov 2018

Just try clearing your cache Mark... it may have updated the GPX file but because it's saved under the same filename (overwriting the old one) your cache may be remembering the old file. If you can't clear your cache, try looking in a different browser?


14:07 Fri, 23 Nov 2018

Yes, juct checked on my phone and its been updated!


14:36 Fri, 23 Nov 2018

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