Winter training rides


9:54 Sun, 23 Sep 2018

With the nights starting to draw in, I've been wondering about training rides this winter. The Wednesday chaingang will presumably carry on as usual, and we've had a good turnout for Hilly Night over the last couple of months. However, last winter the faster "Code Red" ride on Tuesdays more or less died off - from Christmas onwards the biggest turnout we had was three riders.

I know a lot of people prefer the turbo or the track on dark evenings, but is there still interest in a faster BCC road ride over the winter? I would like to keep a weekly whatever-the-weather training ride going (preferably on Tuesdays), but we need several more regular riders for it to be viable as a club/group ride.

So, if Code Red (or something like it) runs this winter, how many people would plan to ride it regularly (i.e., most weeks from Oct-Mar, even if it's cold/wet)?


9:54 Sun, 23 Sep 2018

I would Richard. Like a lot of other riders, I do use TrainerRoad/Zwift quite a bit during winter however I'd still like to see a regular weekday faster outdoor ride.


8:53 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

I'd ride them sometimes if they were a 'group' fast ride rather than 'drop or be dropped' but I'm not interested in schlepping around Derbyshire on my own on a Tuesday night.

The Attenborough lights Tues/Thurs winter route was different last winter - out to Sawley, then Shardlow - Aston - Weston - Chellaston - Aston (again) - Ambaston - Elvaston - Borrowash - Draycott - left up the hill under the A52 - Risley - Breaston - finish where the Wednesday cg reverse finishes.

It's fast and there are a couple of hills. Why not join that so there's just one ride going out rather than small groups of 3 and 4 on each one?


12:13 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

I would, most weeks. Pace is still a bit out of my reach but that’s fine


13:28 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Is it still 6.30 Jim? cos that can be a tricky


13:36 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Yep 6.30. Was forgetting about that. It suits me but obviously doesn't work for everybody.


13:47 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Did the Tue/Thu ride keep going through the winter last year? My understanding was that it had pretty much died off by Christmas too.

That's why I asked though - trying to get a feel for the numbers. If we can get a decent group most weeks then I'm happy to keep a BCC ride going. But if not, then it might be time to look at other options.


14:07 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

It went through the whole winter. It was just that we had a pretty bad one weather-wise so there were quite a few weeks when nobody could ride.


14:16 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Why has it changed route, folk okay with the unlit stuff? Though I guess everyone's got retina burning lumens these days. Love Chellaston's road surface ;)


16:25 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Because people didn't like going down the A52 from Spondon to Pentagon island...


16:56 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

well it changed from going through Chad to that! But then Chads road surface is grim too. I loved the A52, twas epic!


16:58 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Never understood the old winter route, always hated it.


19:36 Mon, 24 Sep 2018

Not exactly an encouraging response to this... :-/

To be clear though, I'm not looking for a "drop or be dropped" ride - for the past couple of years (at least) "Code Red" been ridden as a fast group ride, with people doing turns when they can and sitting on otherwise. The front group doesn't wait for riders who can't keep up (which frequently includes me), but it's certainly not an all-out smash-fest.

Anyway, the hill-climb is done so I've posted up Code Red for this week - will give it a few weeks and see how it goes. Hope to see you there.


19:42 Sun, 7 Oct 2018

I'd love to do a ride which is faster than the weds ride but weds (poss thurs) atm is all i can do


19:49 Sun, 7 Oct 2018

Anyone been on the Tuesday/Thursday BRC chaingang since it switched from summer to winter route?


7:02 Fri, 9 Nov 2018

nope. It was always a regular thing for me but now I mainly ride Zwift midweek in the winter. Anti-social, but safe and effective.


21:21 Fri, 9 Nov 2018

you forgot dull


22:54 Fri, 9 Nov 2018

Anybody out tonight?
I'll be out at 6;30, if nobody else is there, I'll do a loop out round Aston-Elvaston, back for 8, so not the full winter route.


7:01 Thu, 15 Nov 2018

Solo it is!


18:35 Thu, 15 Nov 2018

I'm definitely up for a regular weekday ride that's a bit quicker than the Wed chaingang, and likewise I'd more likely stick with it when there's more than 2 or 3 on it. I was about to start looking into the Tues brc route but I've heard they're not as friendly... ;-p

Mike H

23:02 Sat, 17 Nov 2018

Pleased to report that Code Red has been pretty good so far this autumn - four or five riders most weeks.

Quick note though: I'm not able to get out for the next two Tuesdays (27th Nov and 4th Dec), so if people want to ride someone else will need to post it.


21:35 Tue, 20 Nov 2018

Hi Rich. Just got back on the bike in the last few weeks. When I've shifted a few kilos and got my legs and lungs back I'll join you over the turbo for sure!

Paul B

11:04 Sat, 24 Nov 2018

Would anybody be interested in a Thursday night 90 minute chaingang type ride with a 6:30 start, probably around the Borrowash-Elvaston-Aston area?


7:13 Sat, 8 Dec 2018

Weather permitting.
It’ll be January at the earliest before I can do a midweek ride in any case though.


19:28 Sun, 9 Dec 2018

I'd be up for that, but as usual I'd never turn up because of my shifts. I've not done a Wednesday recently as I've heard it's not been great but I'd be willing to give that a go occasionally as well.


21:23 Sun, 9 Dec 2018

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