LVRC season 2017 updates

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Phil Gray-Blest and Phil Giles are the two main riders that we will document their progress.

Saturday May 13th
LVRC Darley Moor ABCD

Phil Gray-Blest’s first race. Cat C (50-54)
After 5 or 6 laps the breaks started to get away. A group of 2, then a group of 3, then Andy Eagers was the last rider to get clear. Phil belatedly tried to bridge across but Andy was already too far gone. Phil took 3 riders with him but two quickly dropped off and after a lap of pain Phil sat up and returned to the peleton.
Saturday June 3rd
LVRC Darley Moor ABCD  Cat C (50-54)

A lovely (and almost unheard of) warm morning at Darley Moor. Riders were informed there would be a prime after 5 laps and off they went. There was lots of early action as riders tried to get away. Eventually a couple of riders made the break stick and a few more managed to join them. Phil missed this first break but almost immediately another two riders tried to get away. Phil jumped after them and went straight through to the front, urging them on. Unfortunately the main break was already too far ahead and couldn't be closed down. Phil’s group grew as other riders jumped across and soon a group of 7 or 8 was formed. They worked well together and stayed away for the rest of the race, putting almost half a lap into the peleton. Phil tried a kamikaze attack before the final hairpin but got swallowed up well before the line.

Posted: 11/06/2017   By: .John McCay

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