Ladies Road Racing May / early June

Verulam Road Race 2/3/4 - 28th May 2017

This saw the Queenbees first road race of the season and it had a full squad entry! Sally, Heather, Laura, Izzy, Cheryl and Yasmin travelled down to Bedfordshire to endure an 80km race…22laps of a flattish circuit. With two primes up for grabs along with all the team wanting more points to add to their collection it was going to be an eventful race. Within the first few minutes Izzy had a mechanical with her chain which lost her time and the bunch. With fantastic effort Izzy time trialled round determined to finish and put in a phenomenal performance finishing 19th all on her own and overtaking dropped riders. Chapeau Izzy.

Prime one on lap 6 saw Yasmin chase down to give it a go but unfortunately missed out by a narrow margin going over the line 2nd. The team gave prime two a miss to save their legs as points were more important. Unfortunately, a crash mid race saw Cheryl and Heather go down but in true Queenbee spirit Cheryl chased back on to the front bunch – a superb performance to achieve and she was back in the game. Bad luck saw Heathers bike out of action for the remainder of the race but luckily, she was in one piece and not hurt. Yasmin and Laura remained at the front with Laura attacking to get away. Nothing stuck which led to a typical sprint finish. Yasmin sprinted to 5th and Laura 10th both gaining points and Laura her cat 3 licence! Cheryl and Sally were just outside the points bracket. An impressive performance by all the ladies and all are looking forward to the next road race.

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Croston Velo Road Race 3/4 - 3rd June 2017

Cheryl, Yasmin, Heather, Laura and Sally travelled over to Bickerstaff to participate in a 60km very flat and fast road race. As the race started all the team could sense a crash was going to happen and it was a matter of when, where and whom would be involved. Lots of twitching around saw within 30mins of the race the big crash…unfortunately Yasmin was right in the middle of this and went head first over the girl in front on the floor – she could not continue and luckily came away with no serious injuries.

Laura got caught up in this but got straight back on the bike and time trialled round attempting to jump back onto the bunch – this didn’t happen and with two laps to go Laura called it a day to allow space for the sprint finish of the bunch. The crash allowed for the bunch to spread out and split up a little – the team still had Cheryl, Heather and Sally in the front bunch and all of them were looking strong and being cautious of another crash happening. Cheryl stayed with the front group and after a 5-man mini break on the last lap Cheryl managed to sprint to 6th place winning the bunch sprint and gaining more points towards her road to cat 2. Heather and Sally finished within the bunch missing out on points this time. Once again, the Queenbees were looking strong and got another top 10 finish! Well done ladies. 

Posted: 11/06/2017   By: .John McCay

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