Ladies road racing heats up

Holme Valley Wheelers Women’s Stage Race E/1/2/3/4 – 9th & 10th June

Yasmin wanted to explore and give racing at the next level a go by entering her first stage race. This consisted of a 48km road race, 10-mile time trial followed by an 89km road race. Her aim was to finish every race and this was achieved.

On the back of a crash only 6 days before the first stage Yasmin gave it her best in the first road race. Having suffered knee pain and lots of rest in the days running up to the event it was very touch and go whether she would even be able to attend at all.

39 women started Friday evenings race and Yasmin managed to finish 34th – a hilly route where she got dropped on the first descend as the speed was just another level for her with descends being her weakest aspect within a course. She powered through solo for most of the race and crossed the finish line.

Saturday morning saw grim weather of wind and rain but with two stages left Yasmin had to remain focused and ignore the weather aspect and stay relaxed. The TT route was one lap of the afternoons road race and was a brutal course containing many hills and steep descends but in true Yasmin spirit she wasn’t put off and finished 30th even on a full road bike set up and no specialised TT gear.

With 1hr 30mins to recover and prepare for the road race it was more a case of how well individuals can recharge after a full individual effort. The road race was 4 ½ laps and lasted a lifetime. Yasmin managed to stay with the bunch for 1 ½ laps – an improvement and gain in confidence from the previous days race, but an attack on the downhill saw the bunch split and spread out. Yasmin caught eye of racers in front of her and powered through overtaking at least 6 girls in the process all alone. She managed to catch 2 others who worked together for ¾ of a lap but the hill split these up and Yasmin kept pedalling.

With determination and a mental toughness level so high nothing could stop her she finished the race and positioned 20th. A fantastic effort for her first stage race and she is eager to do more and improve for next year. Her overall ranking was 20th as she completed all 3 stages and did the Beeston jersey proud. Chapeau Yasmin!


Harrogate Nova Road Race 2/3/4 – 18th June

On a very hot Sunday morning Cheryl, Yasmin and Sally headed up to Yorkshire to take part in a hilly road race.

Lap one was the prime lap and throughout there was lots of titchy moves with riders wanting to be up the front. You could identify the weaker riders on the hills and it was important to position yourself so if a break was going to happen you were in it. The finish line was at the top of a hill and this is where a few girls went for the prime.

Cheryl and Yasmin were up the front but did not participate in the sprint for this as the finishing position was much more important for them. Cheryl managed to catch the front three ladies up who were powering down to get away. Yasmin, along with two others, chased them down and they settled into a group of 7 – the breakaway bunch. Another lady caught them up and they all worked well together to maintain the break, chain-ganging around the course.

The last lap saw more tactics come into play as it was all about positioning. Yasmin was determined to keep the group away as she realised she had secured the two points she needed for her cat 2 licence and Cheryl wanted as many points as possible as she is well on her way to achieving her cat 2 this season. An attack took place after the last corner and everyone fought for positions. Cheryl got away chasing the leader with two others and managed a fantastic sprint uphill to gain 3rd whilst Yasmin chased them down and grabbed 5th place. Sally put in a solid performance and kept going showing how fit and strong she is and finished 10th. All ladies finishing in the top 10, Yasmin gained her cat 2 and Cheryl now only 10 points away – a very big well done! 

Posted: 24/06/2017   By: .John McCay

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