Early season report on three fronts

As one steals them self away while the Royal wedding is on, it is a perfect time to reflect on the BCC racing teams’ early season exploits. 


The Queen Bees have predominantly been racing as small teams and getting good results as a lot of them are in exam hell. Bev and Yasmin Marks due to different category levels have also been very active but in different races and have seen their form improve with each race. Yasmin is testing herself in the Women’s Team Series across the country and hopefully will have some Queen Bees available soon to join her. Sally Foulkes is concentrating on her TT racing and support the 🐝🐝🐝 at signature races.


The men have had a similar start but momentum is gaining with increasing numbers of top 10 placings and a few podium finishes. We are pleased to put out an almost full team tmrw at the emrrl and we are hopeful of a good solid showing and performance with young Tomas Miller, Phil Giles, Iain Carr and Greig Burt on the start line.


Our embryonic youth racing is taking shape with young James claiming his first win at Mallory last week. Shaun Anthony has seen his son James improve after each race with podium and top 10 finishes, but says James hasn’t reached his proper level yet that he was achieving in Australia. It is about getting James up to that level at the right pace so that his strength and pace endures. As said this is at an embryonic state but it is good that with one enthusiastic Dad and a commitment to develop this with the club it will be interesting to see where we can go and what we can achieve. 


Have a great season everyone and be the best you can be. Thanks to all our sponsors, private individuals and members for their support on our journey.


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Posted: 19/05/2018   By: .John McCay

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