2018 season round up in numbers

It has been a busy season of racing for our men, women and youth racers.

Like most teams we have had a real mixture of highs and challenges during the season, but on reviewing our results we certainly can be proud of our racers and their regional and national perfomances so far.

Men, Women and Youth results up to September 2018.

We have recorded British Cycling top 10 placings for each rider. 

Combined BCC squad results
79 top ten placings
15 podiums = 7x3rd, 6x2nd and 2xWINs

Breakdown by team 

26 top ten placings
7 podiums = 3x3rd, 3x2nd and 1xWIN (Phil)

Women (Queen Bees)
32 top ten placings
4 podiums = 1x3rd, 2x2nd and 1xWIN (Bev)

Youth (James Anthony)
21 top ten placings
4 podiums = 3x3rd and 1x2nd 

We competed in approximately 110 races across the region and nationally throughout the season. This represents a major step up and  our club is gaining established recognistion 

For every result and placing there have been other races where our riders have just come outside the top 10 with real gutsy performances plus many of our racers have given their all to support their team mates get their great results.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support.

Source: British Cycling Results.

A few members of our team have also raced in the Veterans LVRC league that has a starting age catergory of 40 years plus. This is a very competitive league with experienced ex professionals and elite amatuers competing for regional and national honours. The notable highlights being 3 victories for Phil Giles across the region. His voctories were at Mallory Park, Lime Kiln and Flintham. Phil Giles and Phil Grey Blest have also recorded many top 10 places throughout the season. 

2019 sees our teams already racing and the others hard into their training.





Posted: 19/08/2018   By: .John McCay

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